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#1 2007-09-10 10:21:38

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A few sites starting to block firefox users.

I'm not sure if any one has read about a few sites starting to block firefox users because they "May" be using adblock. I was just wondering if everyone here users adblock is so do you allow ads to be displayed on certain sites such as I personally think its stupid for the site's admin to block firefox because by blanket banning firefox they are also banning those users who dont use adblock and who "May" bring in revenue for the site.

Just a quote  from the Why FireFox is Blocked site

ad blocking in general is still theft

they also go on to say

the Mozilla Corporation, has allowed and endorsed Ad Block Plus

which is also strange because there isn't a addons blacklist locked into firefox, so how they are suppose to block it?

A few links for your reading pleasure … 05373.html

Also a post from Wladimir Palant the adblock developer.

P.S. I do use adblock plus by the way but add sites i like and visit often(such as to the exception list. Just another point these sites in question have probeley got more traffic from users wondering what all the fuss is all about then they ever did before which may be there aim.

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#2 2007-09-10 11:26:41

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Re: A few sites starting to block firefox users.

Hmm, that sounds crazy.

They should probably change demographic of their site instead.
Youngsters today will probably block ads regardless of their browser.

Ask me I know, this site probably have the lowest CTR in history.  smile



#3 2007-09-10 12:47:24

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Re: A few sites starting to block firefox users.

Since when and how is ad-blocking theft? I call bollocks. This issue has already been discussed at great length by one of the blocklist developers rick752 of EasyList fame.

By blocking Firefox users, Danny Carlton - of blocking Firefox infamy - would not only lose a significant portion of his "audience", but generates bad press for himself and others of his ilk who would follow the same path. Completely stupid move.

There are more ways of blocking ads including the hosts file. AdBlockPlus got blocked once and was updated to work around it.

The site that was having it's ads blocked was a link dump site he was operating, it was recycled news that was cut-and-pasted without even so much as an attribution to the original news source. A fine person to talk about theft.

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