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#1 2007-07-08 20:23:08

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Registered: 2007-07-08
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battle for middle earth 2 1.04 patch

hi. hopefully someone can help me on this. I installed the patch to update my game to version 1.04. but when I go to play the game, not only will my game crash but it will make my computer reboot. does anyone know how to fix this? if so, please post here or email me if possible. thank you



#2 2007-07-08 20:53:44

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From: East Coast, US
Registered: 2006-05-03
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Re: battle for middle earth 2 1.04 patch

Try updating your video card drivers.  If it still doesn't work reinstall the game and try it without the 1.04 patch.  Then if that works try it with the patch and see if it's the patch that's the problem, or just a bad install.



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