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#1 2007-11-05 18:13:00

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Inquisition: Daemonhunt

Hi all,

I've uploaded the Inquisition: Daemonhunt mod for the Warhammer 40,000: Dark Crusade stand alone expansion for Dawn of War. This mod requires you to have the latest patches installed for Dark Crusade (1.2) and you MAY lose your saved games AFTER patching. If you have anything you want saved, backup your profile/saved game folder.

1. AFTER you have patched up Dark Crusade to the latest version, THEN install the Inquisition: Daemonhunt mod.

2. AFTER you have installed the mod, install the balance and bugfix patch (inquisition_daemonhunt_pa1).

3. AFTER you have installed the bugfix/balance patch, install the speech patch (inquisition_daemonhunt_sph).

4. AFTER you have installed the speech patch, launch Dark Crusade.

5. Goto the 'Game Manager' and select 'Inquisition Daemonhunt' mod from the list.

6. The game will restart. Afterwards, PLAY!!!

Inquisition Daemonhunt Mod homepage: Inquisition: Daemonhunt homepage




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