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#1 2011-03-16 16:09:07

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Last Chaos


Sticking closely to the standard MMORPG formula Last Chaos does little in the way of gameplay innovation, but more than makes up for it with plenty of content, a high level cap and a solid skill system. Players begin the game trapped in a haunted dungeon, and must fight their way out through the hordes of monsters to begin playing, learning how to fight as they do.

Pros:+Good skill animations. +Regularly updated. +Great forum and GM support. +Pets and Mounts. +Good crafting system+ High level cap.

Cons:-Repetitive quests. -Slow combat. -Generic fantasy environments. -Gender locked classes.



#2 2011-06-06 17:52:44

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Re: Last Chaos

I have spent lot of week with this game, I can say is one the most intresting free MMORPG ...



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