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#1 2011-02-27 08:04:17

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Ministry Of War

Ministry of War is a free MMORTS republished by Aeria Games. The historical background of the game is reminiscent of the old series of “Age of Empires Online“. You control an ancient civilisation: Romans, Egyptians, Persians, or Chinese .  Since everything is visually beautifully packaged and modeled after the buildings, units, technologies and the historical role models, you can immerse yourself with Ministry of War well in between every now and again in this ancient world.

Ministry of War has a feature which is unique in the world of browser MMOs: an Endgame. There are four civilizations in MoW: Rome, China, Egypt, and Persia. If one of them rises up and defeats the other three, the winning civilization will be declared a MoW Champion and the Realm will reset, with spoils to the victors. For this reason, there are no sidelines in Ministry of War. You must form strategic alliances and fight, or your empire and your entire civilization may be swept from the Realm. Each Endgame victory will form a chapter in the history of MoW. Enjoy!!



#2 2012-08-29 04:47:31

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Re: Ministry Of War

Its time for a bit of shameless advertisement, Ministry of War now have their own guild forum which is open to all players of the pDiaspora server and we invite you all to pop in and say hello and hopefully create some more interest and player numbers within the game.If you have been playing Chinese browser RPG, you'd better love Mythic saga the game.

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