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Man bites Dog | China fined Apple “1 Million ¥

Uptill now you must have heard about Apple suing Samsung. But none of us could have thought that China (where Piracy rulez) could have fined Apple for Copyright Infringement. The whole story is as follows:
Apple has been charged by 8 Chinese writers including Murong Xuecun, Li Chengpeng and He Ma for illegally publishing ebooks of these authors on Apple’s App Store. Actually their work was not published as ebook on App Store but was published inside an app. The Beijing Second Intermediate Court ordered Apple to immediately stop publishing that App & pay ¥520,000 yuan (approximately $83,387). This amount will be spread out amongst eight writers and two companies whose copyrights were infringed.
This is actually second such decision that Apple has faced in China. In September 2012 Apple was fined ¥520,000 yuan (approximately $83,387) for a similar offense, at that time it was to a Chinese encyclopedia publisher. These decisions do not make any changes to Apple’s strong financial position but it looks like tables have turned in China. This might be an example for others as well.
The main problem will now be for Apple App Developers, Apple will make more strict rules to publish App & the review process for Apps would also be made more complicated.




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