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Verizon's bullshit plan to catch pirates

Verizon is planning to curb piracy & therefore catch pirates by its new policy that was visible in an internal Verizon document which was leaked online. The new policy is called "copyright alert program", according to which Verizon subscribers who are accused of copyright infringement will receive a series of total six alerts.
Verizon will at first send emails to people who have offended the system
2 times, next comes the stage when user's browsers will be redirected to a website where they will receive the alerts and will watch a video about "copyright infringement consequences". After that comes the final stage at which Verizon will temporarily slow down your Internet connection for 2-3 days.
Does Verizon really thinks this plan is going to work because from what we can think of this plan has a lot of deficiencies like the following:

If a person downloads something from the free Wi-fi access at a Cafe shop, then the person who will be facing charges will be Cafe shop owner not the person who downloaded illegal content.
Even if no-one downloads movie at that cafe shop then also internet usage will be high on that connection as a lot of people will be using free Wi-fi, then also the person who will be facing charges will be Cafe shop owner.
The system which generates alerts will be based on data usage. Now if I watch a lot of Youtube videos at a particular day then the system will wrongly generate an alert.
The people who use internet for business purposes generally consume a lot of information online. The "curb piracy system" will wrongly generate an copyright alert for them.

Similar policies are being developed by ISP's like Time Warner.
These plans will be more of a problems to the subscribers. Let us hope that Verizon changes its so called "curb online piracy" policy.

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