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Demonoid's story repeats itself in Italy

Italy's most visited file sharing site DownloadZoneForum or more commonly known as Dzone has been shut down by Italian police for providing illegal downloads.
DownloadZoneForum provided illegal links to new movies, TV series, music & games. It was one of the most visited websites in Italy. The investigation on the DownloadZoneForum started last summer which in the end resulted into the seizure of all the material & servers that were hosting the site for the last five years. In 2012 alone DownloadZoneForum attracted 130 million page views and 20
million visitors.
The site had approximately 1 million members & all their data including their email ID's are there. It is not yet sure would their be any steps against its members. This incident reminds of Demonoid that was taken down by authorities & Users information was in the hands of Investigators.
Source: … Italy.html



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